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Job Description

We are looking for eager people wishing to work five shifts per week, across all seven days of the week. These are the shifts available:
Afternoon / Evening 3:00 -11:30am
Day Shift 6:00 am - 2:30 pm

Key Responsibilities:

Supporting both Production and the Distribution Centre;
Picking and packing product;
Filling jars by hand, capping jars by hand, hand sealing jars, some hand labeling of jars, packing jars back into boxes, building pallets and moving pallets in and out of rooms;
Filling line operation- loading jars and checking quality of jars; loading the automated filler; checking for damaged lids; checking to ensure jars are appropriately filled; checking label specs; packaging products; quality control;
Cleaning of carts, bins, tables, hand tools and rooms as required;
Adhere to Epicure’s values; and
Such further and other tasks as may be assigned.

Education & Experience:
Ability to stand, sit or stoop for long periods of time and perform repetitive tasks
Ability to lift, push, pull and slide heavy weights up to 50 pounds
Ability to lift 35 pounds above shoulder level
Ability to follow directions accurately
Ability to communicate effectively
Attention to detail, with organizational, multitasking and problem solving skills
Enjoy working as a team and motivated by a job well done
Ability to maintain confidentiality, demonstrate judgment, and discretion
You make yourself understood verbally and in writing
You are happy to follow directions accurately

Core Competencies:
Technical skills
Detail orientation
Interpersonal skills, including ability to collaborate, influence others, and bring a sense of humour
Communications facility, including ability to understand and be understood in verbal and written English

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